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 Birthstones and Their Meanings

Birthstones are a collection of precious gems that correlate to one's birth month. Traditionally, each gem holds a different meaning thought to hold true to its wearer. There are a few months where multiple birthstones symbolize various characteristics, giving its wearer multiple choices in the gem they choose. Each of these birthstones has a fascinating history and continues to bring health and wellness to its wearers from all parts of the world.

Birthstones are said to have healing propertiesWearing them may help release the blockages in the physical, mental and spiritual stage, bringing good luck, good health, and protection. 

Since ancient times it is widely believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune.

What benefit does a person's birthstone have for them?

Early astrologers believed each gemstone brought healing powers or protection from evil to the people born in each respective month, which is why we still call them birthstones today.
Birthstones are apparently decided through a person's birth planet. They are said to channel positive energies when worn correctly, which could mean anything from warding off the evil eye and protecting the person or just attracting good luck.

Astrological Sign



Garnet for protection passion and happiness


Amethyst for protection relaxation and intuition


Aquamarine for protection and communication Bloodstone for energy and confidence


Diamond for protection love and longevity. White Topaz for protection and abundance


Emerald for protection love and kindness


Pearl for  protection and purity Moonstone for protection intuition and femininity Alexandrite for balance and joy


Ruby for protection and vitality


Peridot for protection and light Spinel for harmony and restoration Sardonyx for courage and communication


Sapphire for self-expression protection and sincerity


Opal for truth and protection Tourmaline for protection and creativity


Yellow Topaz for strength and intelligence Citrine for abundance protection and happiness


Blue Topaz for protection wellbeing and good fortune Tanzanite for intuition and spiritual awakening Turquoise for protection and wisdom

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